2020: Small Scale Native Plant Gardens for Pollinators

2020: Small Scale Native Plant Gardens for Pollinators
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2600 South Park Blvd
Cleveland, OH 44120, US
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Presented by: Ann Cicarella, Director of the Cleveland Pollinator & Native Plant Symposium

20 High Quality Pollen and Nectar Native Plants

20 Planting and Maintenance Tips

Discover which native plants you can use to establish a flower-rich native plant garden to attract the most pollinators, and will also be aesthetically pleasing. How tall do varying species grow, which plants tend to flop or stay erect and which plants are good for border edges and how to establish nesting sites in your garden. Once your native garden is created you will be amazed at the insect play that unfolds on the floral stage!


2600 South Park Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44120